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​Willow Niemela​

Psychic Medium 




I am grateful for every connection I make through my work and am honored to work with you. When you come to see me at The Intuitive Touch Center,  or meet with me online, you will find  a safe, calming and nonjudgmental space . I am thankful  to work for Spirit as an evidential medium. My goal when working with you, and connecting with Spirit is to bring your loved ones messages through in a clear and concise manner. The goal of mediumship is to bring through love and healing, and the understanding that our loved ones never die, the love we share between us is infinite.  It's my intention to provide clear messages and evidence from your departed loved one, which you can recognize and confirm.  I also work psychically  within several modalities. Which include;  communication with Spirit Guides, tarot, chakra balancing, psychic information, remote viewing, psychometry.   When you sit with me for a psychic reading , I tune into your energy and bring in information that assists in many areas of life. If you are feeling blocked or stuck on your journey it's my honor to help you find the answers that are already within you. I am blessed to be able to do the work that I love and help people on their life journey. 


About Willow 

Willow is an evidential medium and psychic.  Willow's intuitive gifts first emerged in childhood and include, clairvoyance(clear-seeing), clairaudience(clear-hearing), and mediumship.  Willow is honored to share her unique psychic gifts to help others along their spiritual journey. Willow's readings provide guidance in relationships, career paths, and personal and spiritual development. Through her psychic gifts, Willow can offer guidance about important and personal decisions in a confidential, non judgmental manner. Willow has been a professional psychic medium for more than  20 years. She has helped many clients from all walks of life. Willow is located in Columbus, Ohio and serves an international client base. 




Psychic Reading


Willow uses her gifts as an empath and an intuitive to support each client with information from spirit guides and her unique gifts as a psychic. In a reading with Willow, she may use a variety of tools, including tarot cards. She asks for information from your sprit guides as well as tune into your energy provides compassionate guidance for any questions that may arise in todays world. 

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Willow is grateful to be a messenger for Spirit. Mediumship is the confirmation that our loved ones can still connect after their life here on Earth. Willow is honored to work with you as well as your loved ones who are with Spirit to bring forward clear evidence and healing in her readings. Willow’s readings are loving and compassionate and intended to bring healing and solace. 



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 Psychic and Mediumship 


Willow offers mentoring sessions to help enhance your intuitive ability, by working one on one to increase your connection to Spirit, and to understand tuning into your own energy as well as the energy around you. The sessions are tailored to your personal gifts and strengths.  These sessions can help professional readers strengthen their skill, as well as help the beginner start their spiritual journey.

For further information please email Willow.


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Soul-Centric Sisterhood

Willow is proud to be co-creatrix of Soul-Centric Sisterhood.  

Soul-Centric Sisterhood offers ancient healing practices   combined with contemporary knowledge.  We provide an array of holistic and integrative healing modalities for body, mind and spirit. Soul-Centric  offers therapeutic bodywork, spiritual life coaching, hypnosis, psychic readings, and more.

Visit us at



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