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Psychic Tarot Reading

Willow is psychic and intuitive. She can answer a variety of questions regarding any area of your life.  She has the gift of communication with Spirit Guides and an ability to tune into your energy to see if there are any blocks or things you may be holding on to that prevent you from letting go and moving forward. Guests are allowed, but this may affect how information is disclosed. Readings can bring up deeply personal and private topics. Be sure you are comfortable with another party listening before bringing a friend.


Willow allows recordings to be made. If the reading is through zoom, a recording can be emailed. to you. 






Willow is honored to help you connect with your family and friends that have passed into the Spiritual Realms. Her connection to your loved ones bring forward evidence and clear communication in a way that will remind of your never broken bond.  A mediumship reading can provide comfort and healing as well as reassurance that our loved ones continue their lives in spirit. These readings can also validate your own spiritual communications and intuitions. 


Willow allows recordings to be made. If the reading is through zoom a recording can be emailed to you.


$125/45-60min (Reading times are approximate, and vary depending on the messages coming through. )


Readings are a unique and fun addition to any event.  Willow has read at corporate events, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthdays,  fundraisers, reunions, seasonal parties, and intimate gatherings with friends.


Messages can be provided to individuals or in small groups. If readings are individual, a private space with a table and a few chairs are required.


A 2 hour minimum is required to book. $ 40/15 min, if guests are paying individually. If the 2 hour minimum is not met, host is responsible for the difference. 

If host is paying there is a $320 minimum (for two hours). 

*Always Trust Your Intuition*



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